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IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is with great regret that we must inform you that the Tulane Building Early Relationships Support and Services (TBEARS) Program will end on December 31, 2018.  We will continue to seek funding and hope that this will be a temporary closing. Please see this resource flyer for a list of local agencies that may be able to treat young children, families, and parents. 

In the case of a psychiatric emergency involving your child, please call Metropolitan Crisis Response Team at 504-826-2675, who can provide triage and emergency appointments. The phone line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the phone number covers all parishes. If your child is in danger and needs immediate medical attention and MCRT is unresponsive, you should call 911.  In the case of a psychiatric emergency involving adults, please contact the Metropolitan Crisis Response Team, (504) 826-2675, in Region 1, or the JPHSA Mobile Crisis Services, 504-832-5123, in Jefferson Parish. 

Thank you for having given all of us at TBEARS the opportunity to provide care to your child and family.  It has been our pleasure and honor to serve you.


There is no quick fix-but there is help through Tulane Building Early Relationships Support & Services (TBEARS), our program for parents adjusting to the addition of a baby in the family. TBEARS is a prevention intervention program created to support families with promoting infant sleeping, calming, bonding, and/or feeding.  TBEARS has also offered services to parents who are stressed, overwhelmed, or are experiencing issues with postpartum mood or anxiety.

Our infant specialists have worked with caregivers to find more ways to soothe, care for, and enjoy their baby. We have also explored ways to reduce stress while supporting caregivers in their important roles as a parents.

The TBEARS program has been a good fit for caregivers interested in learning more about:

• Infant development 
• Techniques for sleep, calming, or feeding baby 
• Bonding with your baby
• Support for parents (stress, mental health)

Our areas of expertise include:

• Parent-infant relationship development and bonding
• Infant and toddler development, including sleep, crying, and feeding
• Lactation consultation 
• Promoting developmentally appropriate play 
• Parental postpartum mood and anxiety concerns  
• Selecting quality childcare services 
• Community resources for families with young children 

Proudly serving moms, dads, grandparents, foster parents, and caregivers of all kinds.

TBEARS has offered a range of support services and all families are welcome. For more about our program, check out the newslink below. 


The Fussy Baby Network New Orleans & Gulf Coast program and affiliated research is brought to you in partnership with Erikson Institute, a graduate school in child development. It was supported through the Baton Rouge Area Foundation and the Gulf Region Health Outreach Program.

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