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IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are no longer providing services.


Family Feedback Word Cloud

“At first, I thought it was just for the baby and then I realized that it was just as much for me and my family. I was the active listener for everyone else but I didn't have an outlet for myself.”               --Mother of 7.5 month infant


“I had a wonderful experience with FBN…y'all really saved me as a post-partum first-time mom. The fact that this is a free service that comes to you is a HUGE relief.”               --Mother of a 5 month infant


“My second child was different from my first. I liked how I could contact TBEARS at any time, how the infant specialist asked about me as a mother and not just about the baby, and that the infant specialist was very flexible with my changing schedule.”                                               --Mother of a 14 month infant


 “I learned so much from my infant specialist. She gave me referrals for a therapist, suggested community groups that I go to, taught me about following my baby's cues, and helped SO MUCH with my anxiety and breastfeeding issues. I would not be nearly as confident about parenting without her.”               --Mother of a 8.5 month infant


 “[It provided] the opportunity to talk about how it felt being a new mother and not being judged by it and given the right skills to help myself and my son.”               --Mother of a 12 month infant


“So much support. It's my infant specialist’s extensive knowledge of research and relaying that information, plus she is really up to date on all the facts. She's really well versed and gives me facts to support decisions that I make.”               --Mother of a 14 month infant


Note: Infant age reflects the date when mother finished services with FBN