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An affiliate of Fussy Baby NetworkThere is no quick fix-but there is help. Call Tulane Building Early Relationships Support & Services (TBEARS), our program for parents who have concerns about their baby's fussiness during the first year of life.

Our infant specialists will work with you to find more ways to soothe, care for, and enjoy your baby. We'll also explore ways to reduce stress while supporting you in your important role as a parent.

The TBEARS program might be right for you if:

• Your baby cries a lot, or is often fussy or irritable
• Your baby is easily over stimulated or distressed by sounds, sights and activity
• You think your baby is unusually quiet or uninterested in you
• You are concerned about your baby's sleeping or feeding
• Your baby does not like to be held, bathed, dressed or cuddled
• Your baby does not want to play the usual baby games with you
• You feel exhausted or overwhelmed by the demands of parenting

The Infant and Family Specialist work with parents and their children so that:

• They can enjoy each other more and more often
• Parents have more ways to comfort and work with their sensitive, challenging youngster
• Stress for both babies and parents is reduced
• Parents receive support

Proudly serving moms, dads grandparents, foster parents, and caregivers of all kinds.

TBEARS offers a range of support services for you to choose from and all families are welcome. Services are at no cost and no family will be turned away. For more about our program, check out the newslink below. 


The Fussy Baby Network New Orleans & Gulf Coast program and affiliated research is brought to you in partnership with Erikson Institute, a graduate school in child development. It is supported through the Baton Rouge Area Foundation and the Gulf Region Health Outreach Program.

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