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The Phone Call That Helped Me Survive My First Year of Motherhood

I’ve always had anxiety, since I was in high school, the roots of which run deep, so it was not really a surprise to find myself struggling as a postpartum mama.  Though I prepared myself during my pregnancy with physical fitness and research, I was not ready for the tornado of being at home with a newborn baby.  Feeling isolated and overwhelmed, I wasn’t able to even reach out for help.

Thankfully, we’d picked up TBEARS's “You Are Not Alone” brochure from ZukaBaby at Cloth 101 class...


Tulane-Based Fussy Baby Chapter Soothes Parent and Child

Most parents experience the feeling at least once.

“Every parent that I’ve ever spoken to has had that moment where they’ve had to walk away because the baby was crying so much or they were exhausted, and they were at their wit’s end,” says Sherryl Scott Heller, an associate professor of psychiatry at Tulane University and director of TBEARS...